Welcome to V-LAB!
This is a place to think about what the future will be like and what kind of systems we
can build using V-GENERATOR, an innovative device that converts vibrations into electrical energy.
There are many sources of vibrations on our planet.
V-GENERATOR will contribute to a safe, secure and sustainable society.

Affect the World?

UENO Toshiyuki

Kanazawa University
College of Science and Engineering
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor

“The Inventor of V-GENERATOR ”


We show various examples of how vibrations in our life can be converted into energy.

What is

2019 12 26 UPNEW

A high-output power-generating device that uses vibrations.
Simple and Easy to build.

Even the pea-sized device can light up an LED.
Is able to transmit with just one vibration.

A plate of magnetostrictive material and U-shaped frame are joined together and a coil is fixed with resin. This device is durable, customizable in variety of sizes and able to generate a lot of energy in an instant.

Generating Electricity from the Vibration of Machines!

2019 12 26 UPNEW

More power than batteries! *
Converts vibrations into a power source. Transmits information about machines such as temperature, frequency and acceleration.
*When using batteries over a period of years

A The battery-free wireless sensor makes it easier to for inspections and maintenances. No need to worry about running out of battery or replacing it. Easy to set up and useful in various situations.

More power can be generated by adjusting the resonance frequency. It can store energy and operate a microcomputer and LPWA modules. It is also so sensitive that even small vibrations can be converted into electricity. The device can be used as not only power source but also vibration sensor.

Notification by Door Movement

2019 12 26 UPNEW

Generates energy from doors opening and closing. Notifies PC and tablets. Able to notify by email or smartphone application and can send information from various sensors, including temperature and humidity.

For protecting your loved ones and monitoring numerous things about daily life, including when someone enters or leaves your house and controlling refrigerator temperature. Various applications are possible besides the door.

V-GENERATOR is the only battery-free IoT device that can transmit temperature and humidity information at the same time by one action.

Vibrations to Protect Yourself

2019 12 26 UPNEW

Generates energy from the impact of feet or canes on the floor. LEDs light up to notify you of collisions.

Accident notifications. Provides light for walking at night.
Lasts for long time.

Collisions generate a lot of energy. It can be used for security, judging sports, and musical instruments.

Huge Device!

2019 12 26 UPNEW

Larger the device is, More energy it generates.
Easily lights up a big LED light. Stores energy.

New ways of generating energy for vehicles, roads, and floors could be realized.

There are only a few devices that can generate a lot of energy like this. The Durability and simple design still remain. This will contribute to renewable energy from IoT power sources.

Bridge X Vibration Power Generation

2019 12 26 UPNEW

Generates energy from passing cars. Stores and regularly transmits energy.

A battery-free method of monitoring of the health of aging bridges can be realized. Once it is set up, inspections are unnecessary.

Currently, the power generated in 20 minutes on a lightly-trafficked road is enough to transmit a sensor signal via LPWA. This technique can be used not only on bridges, but other building such as steel towers.

Future Wind Power Generation

2019 12 26 UPNEW

This is the simplest! It converts vibrations from the wind into energy. It can be used wirelessly in tunnels, rice paddies, or the wind from factory ventilation ducts.

In running water, this device can act as a power generator as well as a sensor to measure water speed.

Although not as efficient as a wind turbine, it is simple and durable. Depending on the design of the device and blades, it can even generate power from a soft breeze.

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